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We all spend our lives searching for our next BIG distraction. In the meantime, we stay so frantic and stressed, that we may even miss whatever it was we were looking for to begin with. We're so preoccupied in reaching our goal that we forget to be true to who we are by living each day as gift.

The submissions at "My Inner B" challenge you to not only search inside yourself and discover the hidden talents, desires, and strengths you’ve been too afraid to shine, but also to explore your world and learn how to change it for the better.

How have you stopped yourself from succeeding and reaching for your dreams? How have you changed the world around you? What could you do differently today? Don't hamper the potential God gave you by feeding the parasite of self-doubt.

So what does the B stand for?

The answer depends on who you are, what you're looking for and where you're headed. Is it your inner beauty? How about your your inner believer? What about your inner best?

While you figure it out, let’s dive into the world in which we share, full of both dreams and challenges, and explore the answer together.